Sculpture gallery

The sculpture gallery contains about 120 works of sculpture from the Walker Art Gallery's permanent collection. The display focuses on European sculpture dating from the 18th century to the First World War, or from the high period of neo-classicism to the era of the 'New Sculpture' in Britain.

It also represents some of the main currents in European sculpture between these two dates, notably 18th century classicism in the marbles from the Ince Blundell collection, the neo-classical works of Thorvaldsen, Gibson and the Anglo-Roman sculptors, Victorian 'ideal' works by Durham, Calder Marshall and BE Spence and Italian naturalism and decorative sculpture by Fontana, Rossetti and Fedi.

Room highlights include:

Room displays can change due to loans, conservation work and display renewal. If you intend to visit the Walker Art Gallery to see a particular artwork, please telephone 0151 478 4199 beforehand to check the artwork is on display.