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Rectangular tablet inscribed in black ink with seven columns of hieroglyphs naming seven oils used in ancient burial rituals, such as the ‘opening of the mouth’ ritual. Beneath each column is a circular depressions which may have held a drop of the oil. From the later Fifth Dynasty small slabs like this were placed in the burial chamber. From right to left the oils named are: setj-heb oil; heknu oil; seftj oil; nekhnem oil; tua oil; hatet ash oil [‘best pine oil’]; hatet tjehenu oild [‘best tjehnu oil’].

Joseph Sams Collection no. 143. Illustrated in Joseph Sams1839 catalogue with the label, "an ancient game on a slab of alabaster" (pl. 24).

Object specifics

  • Type
  • Culture
    Old Kingdom
  • Artist/Maker
  • Place made
    Africa: Northern Africa: Egypt
  • Date made
    2400 BC - 2200 BC (Dynasty 5 - 6) about
  • Materials
    Egyptian Alabaster
  • Location
    World Museum, Level 3, Ancient Egypt Gallery
  • Acquisition
    Gift of Joseph Mayer
  • Collector
    Joseph Mayer
  • Place collected
    Africa: Northern Africa: Egypt
  • Date collected
    1839 before
  • Measurements
    10 mm x 57 mm x 120 mm
  • Related people
    Joseph Mayer ( Collector, previous owner); Joseph Sams ( Collector, previous owner)

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Previous owners

  • Joseph Mayer

    Owned from: 1850
    How acquired: Purchased
    Owned until: 1867
    Disposal method: Donation
  • Joseph Sams

    Owned from: 1833
    How acquired: Purchased
    Owned until: 1850
    Disposal method: Sold
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