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Scaraboid in the form of a frog with two protruding red painted eyes. Underside is incised with an ankh sign. Probably faience (moulds for making frogs are known) although it could also be glazed steatite.

Marked by the excavator with the find number 547 3755.

Object specifics

  • Type
    Personal Object
  • Culture
    New Kingdom
  • Artist/Maker
    Unknown or unrecorded
  • Place made
    Africa: Northern Africa: Egypt
  • Date made
    1550 BC - 1069 BC (Dynasty 18) about
  • Materials
    Egyptian Faience
  • Location
    Item not currently on display
  • Acquisition
    Gift of the Trustees of the Wellcome Collection
  • Collector
    Wellcome-Marston Archaeological Research Expedition to the Near East
  • Place collected
    Asia: Western Asia: Israel: Tel Lachish
  • Date collected
    1932 - 1938
  • Measurements
    7 mm x 8 mm x 9 mm
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  • Lachish IV (Tell ed-Duweir): The Bronze Age

    Olga Tufnell et al.

    Author: Olga Tufnell et al.
    Publisher: Oxford University Press
    Date: 1958
    Description: 1 of 4 volumes of the Wellcome-Marston Archaeological Research Expedition to the Near East. Published for the Trustees of the late Sir Henry Wellcome by Oxford University Press.


  • Wellcome-Marston Archaeological Research Expedition to the Near East

    Start date: 1932
    End date: 1932
    Description: Sir Henry Wellcome co-funded along with Sir Charles Marston (and Sir Robert Mond), work done by the archaeologist James Leslie Starkey (1895-1938), at Lachish (Tell ed Duweir), in the Levant, from October 1932. More details can be found on the Wellcome Library's website: http://archives.wellcomelibrary.org/DServe/dserve.exe?dsqIni=dserve.ini&dsqApp=Archive&dsqDb=Catalog&dsqCmd=show.tcl&dsqSearch=(RefNo=='WAHSW%2FAR%2FLac')


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