Andre Galle

French Medalist

From his childhood he worked with his father. The latter, highly skilled engraver of coins and seals (document Beckers) was primarily ornamentation guns. Having a large family and not finding enough work in St. Stephen , his father came to settle in Lyon and placed his son at the age of 12 years as an apprentice to Mr. Paul Lecour, head of a large factory buttons livery (Manufacture Lecour: Volauzan says, according to the instructions of the mayor of St Etienne Beckers instructions). Already, the young Galle began to show exceptional provisions for arts , and was allowed to follow the public during drawing .
One day, he saw a head modeled in wax , it gives him new ideas and soon procured wax he modeled himself, he took to his master model, alongside whom he worked while having air to burn his book, not looking at his model by stealth. The finished portrait he showed it to the foreman who struck by the resemblance, spoke to Mrs. Lecour, it was so glad she asked him. From that moment he was allowed to draw young Galle and shape Sundays and holidays. Mr. Bergeon, a famous painter of flowers and miniature light in this portrait so meticulous provisions, gave him advice and brought him to the Academy of Lyon .
At the age of 15, having had some difficulties with his master, he went on a whim to Paris , made the journey on foot and enlisted as a soldier in the pioneer because although he was promised a better situation, it soon found himself without money. Instead of the promises that he had made the regiment was sent to Saint-Denis and the occupation to hang the wheelbarrow from morning to night (work moving to the state according to the instructions Beckers). After 4 months of the year seemed to him, he wrote to his parents that caused him to be discharged. He still had to all resources, 24 as to make the trip from Paris to Lyon. He turned to an old friend of his father who dressed, as he had his uniform. It gave him great recommendations for its future conduct. He was a worker at Lorthier, writer notes the Fund and discount labels for printers. But he chose to go. He traveled on foot in 18 days and was received with open arms.
From that moment, André Galle, barely 16 years old, gave himself to work with extraordinary diligence, he learned engraving , made rapid progress in drawing and acquired a thorough knowledge of the various branches of industry in which he was engaged (Beckers). Upon his return he went to Lyon in the factory where Mr. Lecour address will not soon be very useful. Once the master having to be away for a few days, told his master against the impression of a button to a gentleman who was to be delivered the next day. Unfortunately, the corner broke during quenching. The consternation was great in the workshop, as our young artist offered to run a new corner and dip it in the space of time, a feat he accomplished to the satisfaction of his anxious companions of success and equally great satisfaction of his boss immediately after took to associate.
After the death of Mr. Lecour, he made a second trip to Paris and performed with Mr. Lorthier, engraver Comte d'Artois, the notes of the case. He returned to Lyon. He became head of production and the associated widow came to live at home with his young wife because he was married at the age of 18. Some years later, the death of his boss, he was left alone to be at the head of the house and began to concentrate on engraving medals . He became master engraver April 23, 1785.
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    Europe: Western Europe: France: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: Saint-Étienne
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