Liverpool 8 Law Centre


About us
About Liverpool 8 Law Centre

Our work includes:

Advocacy & campaigning
Racial Harassment advice
Welfare Advice – Debt, Housing, Welfare benefit
Consultation and other services.

We continually review our services to enable filling gaps in provision to our diverse communities, and to react to rises in demand for existing services.

We work with many local and national organisations to assist our diverse communities e.g.,

1990 Trust
Black Racial Attacks Independent Network (BRAIN)
Black & Equality Merseyside (BEM )Network,
Campaign Against Racism Terrorism, Merseyside (MCART)
Survivors of Racial Discrimination (SORD)
& others

Our Staff, Volunteers & Directors:

Directors and staff reflect the diverse area the centre is located in, and thus understanding of their issues
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  • Relationship
  • Nationality
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