John Mather

Liverpool-based merchant (born around 1897) who acquired Joseph Mayer's collection of Napoleonic memorabilia

John Mather is listed in the 1841 and 1851 censuses as resident at 58 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool. He is recorded as a Lead Merchant in the 1851 census. His brother Robert is also listed as a merchant in the latter. In Edward Baines's 'History, Directory and Gazetteer of the County Palatine of Lancaster', vol 1, Liverpool 1824, pg 291, there is the following entry:
Mather John & Rt. merchts. & ship-owners, Ex- / change ct.: h.72, Mount pleasant

He is recorded in Gore's Directory of Liverpool and its Environs, 1853, pg 392:
Mather John, merchant, (M. and Co.) 58, Mount pleasant

At October 2012, Mather is not traceable in the 1861 census. One assumption is that he could have been dead by then.

The collector Joseph Mayer is known to have sold his collection of Napoleonic memorabilia to John Mather.
  • Gender
  • Relationship
    Collector, Previous owner
  • Nationality
  • Born
    1897 possibly
  • Place of birth
    Unknown or unrecorded

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