Edwin Sidney Hartland

Author of works on folklore

Dr. Edwin Sidney Hartland left a small collection of antiquities to his daughter, Miss Ethel Hartland. A handwritten note dated April 29 1914 suggests they were collected in 1830 by "father and his brothers" (Edwin's father?). The collection was donated to World Museum in 1953.

Hartland was an author of works including anthologies of tales, and theories on anthropology and mythology with an ethnological perspective. He believed that the assembling and study of persistent and widespread folklore provided a scientific insight into custom and belief. Hartland was president of the Folklore Society, 1899–1901, and contributed to its journal Folk-Lore. Hartland was born in Islington, eventually making his career as a solicitor in Swansea. His father, E. J. Hartland, was a congregational minister. Throughout his life he served in many judicial positions and on public committees in Swansea and at Gloucester, and took a particular interest in education. {Wikipedia, 16.08.2018].
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