William Birkbeck

Banker and collector of antiquities

William was a wealthy banker and landowner who suffured from consumption and visited Egypt on medical advice because of the warmer climate. Records exist showing that he went there in 1882 with the physician Frank Worthington.

Labels on objects record the donor as Mrs S. Birkbeck. William married Susan in 1871 and she inherited his collection after his death in 1897. The ex Norwich registration number of 19.14, indicated the collection was accessioned in 1914. On some cards and in the list made by Miss Tankard there is the detail "Egypt, Banks of Nile, 1870" suggesting the collection was put together by a tourist visitng Egypt by boat in 1870, perhaps on an earlier visit made by William Birkbeck.
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    Artist/maker, Previous owner
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    Unknown or unrecorded
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    Unknown or unrecorded
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    Unknown or unrecorded
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