Septimius Severus

Roman Emperor, the first one of North African origin, reigned from 193 AD to 211 AD.

Roman Emperor known for defeating his rivals and restoring the Roman territory of Northern Mesopotamia as well as attempting towards the end of his life to restore the Roman occupation in Britain in 210- 211 AD and eventually dying in York in 211 AD. He was born in Lepsis Magna ( contemporary Libya ) and his family was in the equestrian rank. He had Italian Roman ancestry on his mother's side and descended from Punic - and perhaps also Libyan - forebears on his father's side.Septimius Severus in about 175 married a woman from Leptis Magna named Paccia Marciana while his second wife was an Emesan Syrian woman named Julia Domna. He restored a great number of Roman buildings and the most famous monument associated with his name is the triumphal arch in the Forum at Rome erected by the senate in 203 to celebrate his Parthian victories.
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