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World Museum
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Ashley Cooke PhD

Head of Antiquities and Curator of Egyptology

I manages the antiquities department and curate Egyptian, Nubian and Near Eastern antiquities. I joined the museum in 2006 and created the Ancient Egypt permanent gallery, which opened at the end of 2008. My current work involves improving the documentation and publication of the Egyptology collection of over 16,000 items with the ultimate aim of producing a complete online catalogue.

I've worked in Egypt with Liverpool University on several fieldwork research projects since 1997. My areas of interest include tomb architecture of the Old Kingdom (2686-2181 BC) and studying how the form of tombs is an expression of the funerary practices and beliefs for the time. I'm preparing a study for publication that considers the components of tomb design that made an ideal burial and how tombs were used.

Georgina Muskett PhD

Curator of Classical Antiquities

I am responsible for curating Greek, Roman, European and British antiquities. I joined the museum in 2009 and created an interim exhibition of our Greek and Aegean antiquities. Since then I've been studying the classical archaeology collection in preparation for planning new permanent Greek and Roman galleries. Besides assisting other scholars with the publication of our holdings, I'm also creating new object records on the collections database that will ultimately be available online.

My research covers several aspects of Aegean and Greek art and archaeology. I'm currently working on a several publications, including an article on the votive offerings from the sanctuary of Artemis Orthia, near Sparta in Greece. These are housed in World Museum and the Garstang Museum of Archaeology at the University of Liverpool.

Barbara Rowan

Curator of Antiquities and Database Manager

My role involves curating armour, firearms and crossbows and managing documentation work within the department. This includes the organisation of collections within our galleries and storerooms.

I joined the antiquities department in 2011 after working for over 20 years within National Museums Liverpool. I've worked on several Capital Projects including the Ancient Egypt gallery (opened 2008) and the Museum of Liverpool (opened 2010). Over the next 10 years it is the department's aim is to fully refurbish all of our galleries, dramatically increasing the amount of material we have on display and to make all of our collections available online. I will be supporting this strategic development of the antiquities department.