Felix Roth

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Felix Norman Roth served as Chief Engineer in the late 1870s and 1880s on trading vessels up and down the coast of Queensland (Australia), the Gulf of Carpentaria and New Guinea. He joined the Macquarie Street Infirmary (Sydney) in the mid 1880s, then studied medicine and was House Surgeon for a time at St. Mary's Hospital (London). In 1892 he obtained a post with the British Medical Service in the Niger Coast Protectorate (now Southern Nigeria), where he was also Acting Vice-Consul in 1894. He accompanied the Benin Punitive Expedition of 1897. In 1897 he was District Medical Officer of Warri, in Niger Coast Protectorate, and Advance Surgeon to the flying column during the 'punative expedition' against Benin.
He is author of "Conquest and destruction of Benin by British Military, 1897" (In Ling Roth's "Great Benin: Its Customs, Arts and Horrors (1903): "Notes on Jekris, Sobos and Ijos of the Warri District of the Niger Coast Protectorate" (1898); and "Some Experiences of an Engineer Doctor" (1922). [From conference notes for "The Roth Family, Anthropology and Colonial Administration: a conference celebrating the work of Walter E., Henry Ling, George Kingsley, Felix Norman and Vincent Roth, 9-10 February 2004 - Coffs Harbour NSW Australia]
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