About this object

This is an early shield from New South Wales, likely made before 1850. The species of wood has not been identified. It is made of a hard wood with a short bent stick placed into the back to form a handle. The stick would have been flexible when first used, but hardened as it dried. Aboriginal people of New South Wales used such shields in defensive combat. Some shields have holes in the front where they have deflected a spear. Many early colonists in New South Wales sent such artefacts back to England, or brought them ‘home’ if they returned to England.

Object specifics

  • Type
  • Culture
  • Artist/Maker
  • Place made
    Oceania: Australia: New South Wales
  • Date made
    1850 before
  • Materials
    Wood; Iron
  • Location
    Item not currently on display
  • Acquisition
    Purchased from Air Commodore Andrew Adolphus Walser, 1946
  • Collector
    Henry Charles Stephens
  • Place collected
  • Date collected
    1918 before
  • Measurements
    836 mm x 292 mm x 62 mm
  • Note
    Wooden shield, curved sides tapering towards pointed ends. Curved grip at back threaded through holes in front. Metal hoop in front surface.
  • Related people
    Henry Charles Stephens ( Collector, previous owner); Andrew Adolphus Walser ( Previous owner)


Previous owners

  • Andrew Adolphus Walser

    Owned from: 1918
    How acquired: Unknown or unrecorded
    Owned until: 1946-02-15
    Disposal method: Unknown or unrecorded
  • Henry Charles Stephens

    Owned from: Unknown or unrecorded
    How acquired: Unknown or unrecorded
    Owned until: 1918
    Disposal method: Unknown or unrecorded
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