T M Hocken

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A medical doctor and coroner in Dunedin, Dr Hocken collected books, maps, photographs, newspapers and pamphlets as well as artefacts relating to New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific. He offered his collection to Dunedin and the people of New Zealand in 1897, and the books, manuscripts and artefacts were housed in a specially-built wing of Otago Museum, opened just before his death in 1910.

Source: www.library.otago.ac.nz

He also gifted carved wall panels from the 'New Zealand & South Seas Exhibition' 1889-1890 to the Otago Museum in 1890, purchased from Augustus Hamilton (who had acted as his agent) the same year. He bequeathed more Maori items to the museum at his death in 1910.

Source: Dimitri Anson (2004). What's in a Name? The House Carvings that Dr Hocken gave to the Otago Museum', Journal of the Polynesian Society Vol 113:1, 73-90.
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