Mr Brice Wright

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Bryce McMurdo Wright, Sr. (spelled "Brice" before 1860) was one of England's most prominent 19th-century mineral dealers. He and his son (Bryce McMurdo Wright, Jr., 1850-1896) dealt in minerals, fossils, shells, rocks, gems, corals, ethnological collectibles, and worked stones old and new for over 50 years. Despite their varied and worldwide stock in trade, it is for the minerals of northern England that their name is best remembered.

Source: The Mineralogical Record Biographical Archive at
  • Gender
  • Relationship
    Previous owner
  • Nationality
    British: Scottish
  • Born
    1814 about
  • Place of birth
    Europe: Northern Europe: UK: Scotland: Dumfriesshire
  • Died
  • Place of death
    Unknown or unrecorded
  • Cause of death
    Unknown or unrecorded
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