Ethnology staff

Postal address:

World Museum
William Brown Street
L3 8EN

Emma Martin, PhD

Senior Curator of Ethnology

My interests focus primarily on collector and collection histories and alongside this contemporary collecting; both chieflyin the geographical and cultural areas of Tibet. I am particularly interested in understanding the processes of collectingin early 20th century colonial British India.

My major collections research project centres on the collection of Sir Charles Bell (1870-1945). I am also currently developinga programme of contemporary collecting that focuses on Tibet.

Zachary Kingdon, PhD

Curator, Africa collections

My previous research has focused on sculpture and the creative process among Makonde blackwood sculptors settled in Tanzania.

My on-going research explores the social and historical contexts in which a number of West Africans contributed numerousartefacts to the World Museum Liverpool collections between 1860 and 1916. I am particularly interested in the ways thatAfrican agendas and agency are reflected in the creation of the Museum's West African collection.

Alexandra Blakeborough 

Assistant Curator

My role is to document and digitise the North and South American collections with the main focus on the Caribbean and Arcticcollections, and the collection of South American clubs. I'm aiming to improve documentation standards and increase accessonline to our collections
I have worked for National Museums Liverpool for over 10 years. I joined theEthnology department in 2014 after having placements in nearly all other curatorial departments at World Museum. My specialismis in documentation, location control and general collections management.  

Marion Servat-Fredericq

Project Assistant Curator – First Emperor Exhibition

I am currently working as a Project Assistant Curator on the exhibition China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors. From 2015 to 2017, I worked as an Assistant Curator on the refurbishment of the Ancient Egypt gallery at World Museum. I originally studied Egyptology at the University of Liverpool, specialising in ancient Egyptian language and literature.