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Adults 60 -90 cm in length, males are slightly larger than females. Both males and females are stocky with broad heads, although the males tend to be broader, the beaded lizard's scales are small, bead-like and non-overlapping. Their base colour is black and marked with varying amounts of yellow spots or bands

Object specifics

  • Accession no.
  • Scientific name
    Heloderma horridum (Weigmann, 1829)
  • Classification
  • Common name
    Beaded Lizard
  • Collector
  • Date collected
  • Place collected
    Americas: Central America: Mexico
  • Measurements
  • Credit line
    Donated by Chester Zoo, 1985
  • Red Book Data status
  • Other number(s)
    Daybook Number: VZ.83/35
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