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Pale grey or dark brown above, normally has three dark grey or brown stripes down the back with broad lateral stripe running from the snout, through the eye to the groin, these may be broken or reduced to rows of dark spots. May have dark triangle or other dark figure between the eyes, always has a light line along upper lip. Underside whitish, may have a few dark spots on throat and chest. Length up to 3.8 cm.

Object specifics

  • Accession no.
  • Scientific name
    Pseudacris triseriata (Wied-Neuwied, 1838)
  • Classification
  • Common name
    Western Chorus-frog
  • Collector
    Cook, F R; Foster, M G
  • Date collected
  • Place collected
    Americas: Northern America: Canada: Saskatchewan: Rouleau
  • Measurements
  • Credit line
    Donated by the National Museum of Canada, 1963
  • Red Book Data status
    Unknown or unrecorded

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