Sir John Moores

Liverpool businessman and philanthropist (1896 - 1993) who funded the John Moores Liverpool Exhibition, first held in 1957

Sir John Moores was a successful Liverpool businessman. He was one of the founders of the Littlewoods football pools in Liverpool. The pools were extremely prosperous and led to Moores's next business venture in 1932, Littlewoods Mail Order Stores. This later expanded into the Littlewoods chain stores. The first store opened in Blackpool in 1937. These were also successful and Moores owned 25 of them by 1939.

When World War II was declared, Moores handed over buildings and equipment to the government to assist with the war effort. Littlewoods vehicles were used as ambulances and warehouses were converted into factories and began mass-producing parachutes, shells, dinghies, barrage balloons, pontoons and storm boats, among other things.

Moores was also an active philanthropist. He served as a Conservative city councillor between 1933 and 1940 and was chairman of the Liverpool Motorists' Outing for Handicapped Children in 1956. He was an amateur painter and sportsman. He famously helped to establish, and funded, the John Moores Liverpool Art Exhibition in 1957 and became the chairman of Everton Football Club in 1960. He also funded a school of business management at Liverpool University in 1963.

His hard work and generosity was rewarded when he was made a freeman of the city of Liverpool in 1970, appointed CBE the following year and was knighted in 1980.
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