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This collection of over 6,500 specimens is founded on the excellent collection of John Gilbert’s specimens of bird and mammals at World Museum; these are mostly from the foundation collection of National Museums Liverpool, the zoological collections of Edward Stanley, 13th Earl of Derby, of Knowsley Hall near Liverpool. A few of World Museum’s Gilbert specimens are from the collection of Canon H.B. Tristram of Durham Cathedral.


Genus: Leipoa
Species / subspecies: ocellata /
Museum collection: NCB Naturalis Leiden
Accession number: RMNH Old Catalogue No.1
Type status: Wrong locality, type in Harvard?
Type status for which scientific name: Leipoa ocellata Gould, 1840
Type publication: The birds of Australia vol.5, text & plate 78 - Swan River, Western Australia
Author: Gould
Author date: 1840
Donor 1: Gould, John
Class: AVES
Common name: Malleefowl
Sex: Male
Collected by: Gould, John
Date collected: Check SA dates
Locality: Australia, South Australia, Adelaide
Preparation: Mount
Notes: Type is probably a Malleefowl in Harvard. Labelled "Voyage de Gould"?
Leiden Gould List: NOT ON LIST.
Stone: Not listed
Classification Code: C&B-059-02

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