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This collection of over 6,500 specimens is founded on the excellent collection of John Gilbert’s specimens of bird and mammals at World Museum; these are mostly from the foundation collection of National Museums Liverpool, the zoological collections of Edward Stanley, 13th Earl of Derby, of Knowsley Hall near Liverpool. A few of World Museum’s Gilbert specimens are from the collection of Canon H.B. Tristram of Durham Cathedral.


Genus: Leipoa
Species / subspecies: ocellata /
Museum collection: Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology
Accession number: WFVZ 178840 Heermann page 24
Author: Gould
Author date: 1840
Donor 1: Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia (check)
Donor 2: Gould, John
Class: AVES
Common name: Malleefowl
Collected by: Gilbert, John
Date collected: 1842-09-29
Indexable date: 29/09/1842 00:00:00
Locality: Australia, Western Australia, Wongan Hills]
Preparation: Eggs x 2
Measurements: Need to measure these
Notes: Important specimens, at present the only Malleefowl eggs known which were collected by Gilbert. Locality of Wongan Hills assumed from the collecting date. WFVZ did have three eggs in this box, one with blow holes at both ends & no original writing but with ANSP number 890 is assumed not to be Gilbert and has been removed to another box.
Gilbert's writing on original label: Egg 1 (whole) "Sept 29. 1842" (Gilbert), "Leipoa ocellata (Gould), in pencil; Egg 2 (broken) "Leipoa ocellata" (Gould), "Sept 29. 1842" (Gilbert, in ink).
Subsidiary number: ANSP species number 0890 on 1 egg
Description: 2 blow holes on one side of both eggs
Images: Rene photo 19/9/2013 & both photod 27.3.2014
Condition: One egg is badly broken & much mended ?by Gilbert.
Classification Code: C&B-059-02

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