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This collection of over 6,500 specimens is founded on the excellent collection of John Gilbert’s specimens of bird and mammals at World Museum; these are mostly from the foundation collection of National Museums Liverpool, the zoological collections of Edward Stanley, 13th Earl of Derby, of Knowsley Hall near Liverpool. A few of World Museum’s Gilbert specimens are from the collection of Canon H.B. Tristram of Durham Cathedral.


Genus: Chaeropus
Species / subspecies: ecaudatus /
Museum collection: Natural History Museum, London
Accession number: BMNH 1844.07.09.22
Type status: Lectotype
Type status for which scientific name: Chaeropus occidentalis Gould, 1845
Type publication: The mammals of Australia Vol. 1, text and plate 6 (lectotypic designation by Thomas 1888: 252)
Author: (Ogilby)
Author date: 1838
Donor 1: Gould, John
Donation date: 1844-07-09
Common name: Pig-footed Bandicoot
Aboriginal or colonial name as used by Gilbert: Boorda
Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Collected by: Gilbert, John
Date collected: 1843-10-00?
Locality: Australia, Western Australia, Northam, about 45 miles N.E. of, Walyemara district [= Walyormouring], "Kirltana"
Preparation: Skin & skull
Notes: Gilbert gave a long description of the Pig-footed Bandicoot in his 18th April 1843 letter, based on the specimen later destroyed in the Liverpool blitz. Calaby 1954: 147-148 gives details about the locality for both Gilbert's specimens, this one and the one formerly in Liverpool, which is "Walyemara" springs [= Walyormouring], N.N.E. of Northam. Thomas 1888: 252 records this specimen as "Ad, sk[in] Skull. Female. 10/43. Boorda, Kirltana, W.A. (J. Gilbert)". A note on the NHM label: "see Calaby West Australian Naturalist 4 1954: 148 and McNamara, ibid, 195-196". McNamara suggests that "Kirltana" might be a combination of the words of the Aborigines of the Albany district for "Kirl" (= boomerang) and "tana" (= hit with). The skull number 845c is not a GERM or GMCM number, but is recorded in mss as "854c" in the Mammal Section annotated copies of John Gray's 1862 "Catalogue of the bones of the mammals in the British Museum".
Gilbert's writing on original label: No extant original label, date recorded in Thomas 1888: 252 and also in his mss: he has written on the NHM label "No. 33. Oct. 1843. Boorda, 40 mi. N.E. of Kirltana, W.A.".
Gilbert's field collection number: 33 (WA collection)
Subsidiary number: 845c (skull) (Gray 1862 mss addition)
Thomas 1888 reference: 250-252 e
Classification Code: VD&S-172

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