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John Gilbert diary entry

19 February 1845 - 21 February 1845

Page 31. Volume 2

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Separation Camp

naturally was going to his only companion, when the Dr called to him and desired him [repeated] to remain with us and have no farther intercourse with Charlie, this Brown with all his civilised habits gave the Dr to understand in a very quiet α respectful manner that he could not see with what justice he should desire him to desert his only society α friend he could associate with, besides which said Brown I don't like to see him sleep out there alone well no matter said the Dr if you do go to sleep with him you do not return to my camp, very well said Brown I can do that, and accordingly left us the Dr immediately collecting their Blankets and other things left by them as if determined to keep them away from us, in fact the whole bearing of the Dr to the Natives of late and his conversation at times, appears to me as if he was desirous of getting rid of the two Natives altogether no matter by what means foul or fair thinking that he will thus save so much of our provisions, but he does not seem to calculate the effects of our having two persons less in the party, the delays which will inevitably ensue in reconnoitering and the extra work and labour which will be attached to us remaining six, if the two black fellows do really leave us, and if they have the courage to do so now is an opportunity one would suppose they will not lose sight of, however it is perhaps very doubtful if they do leave us, but how long they will remain separated it will be curious to observe, that they can procure an ample supply of food for themselves there can be little doubt, but whether they will prefer the labour attending it, to our regular daily supply is rather questionable especially as they will most probably miss the Damper α Tea almost as much as we ourselves should do.

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Thurs 20.

It was intended for us to start to day, but our meat is scarcely dry enough for us to do so before the evening, and the Dr thought it as well to try the travelling by moonlight especially as it is a long stage for us to reach, and the Bullocks would fag very much in travelling so long a journey during the heat of the day. The Dr however was very ill from eating so great a quantity of fat soup and this rendered it necessary to remain till the morning. Neither of the Black fellows made their appearance during the day. The process of drying the fat gives promise of succeeding.

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Friday 21.


Without the Black fellows assistance we were late in getting ready with so many preparations, so much do we miss the assistance of two persons in our small party, however all things considered we managed pretty well, both Horses α Cattle keeping so near the Camp, that we had no difficulty in finding them when required, our meat was not weighed but from the increased quantity and number of bags more than any previous beast has given, we imagine there cannot be less than 200 lbs. and our greatest difficulty was the stowing them away as top loads on our Bullocks, this however we were enabled to