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John Gilbert diary entry

15 May 1845 - 16 May 1845

Page 101. Volume 2

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Friday 16.

To day we broke up our long Camp. it is was [sic] almost with a regret that we leave the Burdekin and its crystal running stream, we have been so long travelling up its bed that it is now like leaving an old friend; going back nearly a mile on our old tracks we came to the sandy creek604, which we had crossed, our course lay up this, and for about 3 miles we travelled on the narrow flats on its left bank, here we crossed it and ascended the table top of the field of Basalt, on this with a slight exception of about a mile we travelled for 9 miles through a fine open forest and luxuriant grassy country, here we descended the precipitous sides of the Basalt, and camped on some rocky water holes in the creek605. the table of Basalt is divided from the opposite ridges of Granitic for=mation by the Creek, as we had formerly seen on some parts of the Burdikin, - in the valleys of the left Bank are the Gigantic Ant hills the doctor

Note 604

This was presumably the second, more easterly anabranch of Anthill Creek, which joins the Burdekin at GR 115 504.

Note 605

This campsite was called Lagorchestes Camp, after the “several kangaroos” they saw, one of which “was of a light grey colour, with rich fur and a white tail” (Leichhardt 1846: 260). As Gilbert wrote, this had been caught by Spring, the kangaroo dog. McLaren put this campsite at GR 055 645 on the 1: 100,000 Cashmere map.