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John Gilbert diary entry

25 May 1845 - 26 May 1845

Page 108. Volume 2

[in left margin]


an angry tone, as if questioning him as to who he was, and rushed up the bank apparantly with the intention of chastising him, but when he had got sufficiently up the bank to see the horse, (which was before intercepted by the bank) he beat a retreat hastily collected his spears, and ran off as fast as possible. I shewed myself just as he was starting and he commenced crying in the most abject α pitiful manner, and which we heard as long as he was in sight and still running very fast.

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Mon 26th.

7 Miles

5 S.W.

To day we got through the rocky pass tolerably well, one Bullock a large α very heavy beast was however very lame from the commencement, and the rocky days work did not at all improve the poor brute with this exception our whole number of Bullocks travelled exceedingly well the whole day. In the afternoon the Dr with Brown started off to reconnoiter the next stage. The Dr returned in the evening. Brown succeeded in shooting a Bustard α 3 Ducks, which will be a welcome breakfast to us tomorrow, Our Salt is now reduced to half a pound, which is kept for our next killing tomorrow, having no salt, none of us feel at all inclined to take our soup as formerly, but prefer having it grilled, cooked in any way dry we do not feel the loss of salt so much, while out the Dr came upon a Camp of Natives, who at first handled their spears as if disposed to stop him but seeing that their threats had no effect, they all rushed off in the most hurried α alarmed manner, on the Drs return he was surprised to find they had not returned during his absence, and he helped himself to a drink of their prepared Honey water, and ate some of their potato like roots, at night we had a change of weather, heavy clouds with a strong westerly wind began rising at sunset, and during the whole night it rained, in light showers;