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John Gilbert diary entry

30 October 1844 - 2 November 1844

Page 100. Volume 1

which related principally to enquiries as to where we were going, and if we wanted a Gin, the Dr would not allow any of us to approach, although they appeared without spears, but we soon made out numbers of others peeping through the scrub. Our Bullocks and Horses were now our principal care and Mr Hodgson α Charlie immediately saddled the Horses that were at hand, and rode off in pursuit of the Bullocks, the moment the natives saw them mounted, they disappeared. they returned however without the Bullocks and 3 of the horses are missing. Some time after dark our dogs were barking all round us, thinking the Natives were coming upon us, put us all on the qui vive, with our Guns. But they did not show themselves.

Thurs Oct 31. Our drying process concluded to day, and so far is successful, the dryed meat weighed 66 lbs62, it now remains to be seen how much of it is necessary for our daily consumption, We are now ready to proceed on as soon as all the missing horses are brought in, in search of which Mr H α Charlie have been out nearly all day - Contrary to our expectations the Natives did not make their reappearance to day. The Doctor now seems so well satisfied with our drying process that no more is said of a returning party.

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Friday Nov 1. Every thing in readiness for pro==ceeding, but Charley α Hodgson not returning, the whole day was employed in greasing saddles and repairing other things. In the afternoon strolled into the scrub, but saw nothing to collect - this mornings observations gave us Lat 26=12.

Sat Nov 2. Another day of inaction in consequence of the continued absence of Hodgson α Charlie [sic]. the horses being away Brown and I went out in pursuit of them we left the camp at 8 in the morning, going out in a

Note 62

According to Leichhardt (1847), the weight was 65lbs and about 15lbs of fat; giving a ration of 3 pounds of meat per day for the party.