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John Gilbert diary entry

27 June 1845

Page 8. Volume 2

Page 8744

[in left margin]


1590 [i.e. stationary]

the North coast are generally described to be when visited by Malays or our own country men in ships. they can never have seen either Horses α Bullocks till now, and from the general character of the Australian Native I cannot think they would at a first sight attempt to kill either, but on the contrary as we have hitherto all along observed, at our approach, run off as fast as possible, I am inclined to think the real cause was that our Black fellows surprised them at their camp, and as I know Charlie would not be very particular in his treatment of a Native woman if he caught one, it seems to me the Men perhaps resisted, when the bold=ness of our two fellows in the confidence of their superiority of weapons, effectually drove them off and as they well know the Dr. would not at all consent to such conduct, they saw the necessity of making up an excuse. if it is really all truth it is very clear we have at length arrived a=mong quite a different set of fellows, who may give us infinite trouble.

Note 744

This is page torn along right hand side, before Gilbert started to write his diary entry in ink.