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John Gilbert diary entry

2 November 1844

Page 101. Volume 1

an easterly direction for about a mile, then gradually bending round to north, when we came upon what appeared recent tracks. these we followed for several hours, Northing and westing the whole time, as I could not make out more than tracks of five horses I began to think we were following Charlies tracks in pursuit of the lost 3 horses, having walked so long in the hot sun and over rotten ground, I began to feel fatigue, and turned back, on our return we found the horses quietly standing round our tents. if the tracks we saw are those of Hodgson α Charlie they have gone just in the contrary direction to that we have all along anticipated. their long absence now becomes not only alarming but rather singular. They only took provisions for this one night, and are in other respects not at all prepared for procuring any animals in the bush. the horses may of led them back even to Jimba, if so they cannot arrive there much under three or four days. during my absence the natives again came up and I understand the Dr met them and had a long chat with them but would not let them come to the camp. the great point being to keep them out of sight of many of our little articles which generally tempts the cu==pidity of a savage, they appeared very friendly disposed, having been during my mornings march very successful in shooting Pigeons, Roper and I went out again to get more, the Dr α Brown had about an hour before gone out in pursuit of Calvert who had ridden out alone in pursuit of the Bullocks, which had taken fright at the sight of the natives, thus when we left the camp only three were left to guard the camp, Roper α I had not long been at the spot we intended