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John Gilbert diary entry

2 November 1844

Page 102. Volume 1

to remain at when Murphy came up to say the Natives had again made their appearance. we therefore hurrid [sic] back as quickly as possible, and found the natives had watched our leaving, and were inclined to come very near our tents. I met them, and as well as I could make them understand, wished them to go to their camp, while we remained quietly at ours and making them understand we would speak with them tomorrow. Calvert returned without the Bullocks, having found them about three miles from our former camp

all of them with their tongues hanging out and quite exhausted, never having stopped in their rapid march when they took alarm at the black-fellows, some of the bullocks having before been rushed repeatedly by the black fellows of the Downs renders them very timid at even the sight of natives, and this timidity I fear will be a source of endless trouble to us

as we proceed. the Dr α Brown returned in the evening, and the latter α Calvert were

again sent off to bring the Bullocks back if possible in order to prevent them ram=bling still farther off. At nine o'clock they returned without the Bullocks, the night was too dark for them to find them. All the coun==try I walked over in the morning was although rather thickly timbered with large Iron bark - the rusty Gum and smooth bark Gum, was tolerably clear of brush excepting little patches of Cypress Pine α Oak brushes and occasionally a few of the paper bark Tea-tree. in about a north direction from our camp I came upon the first source of the creek63 we have been the last 6 days camped upon, and which appears from its general character of vegetation α rocky beds α banks to be one of the heads of Dogwood Creek. beyond the head of this North about three miles I came upon the head of a water course running in the con==trary direction, it may prove to be the first

Note 63

This must have been the headwaters of Back Creek, at about 8945: 240 964. Back Creek indeed runs into Dogwood Creek, at 8945: 312 942.