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John Gilbert diary entry

21 December 1844 - 22 December 1844

Page 142. Volume 1

a pair of the Artamus leucopygialis180, they had taken possession of an old nest of Grallina, this is a character before observed by Mr Gould, but the first instance in which I have met with it; on a branch just above this birds nest was the nest of the Myiagra181, both species were sitting on eggs, and living thus near engaged in their arduous task of incubation in the most perfect harmony. Today we had no thunder storm.

Sunday 22 Dec. This morning every thing is packed up for leaving our drying Camp, our dried meat in store is 160 lbs. and about forty lbs of fat. before leaving the camp we took the precaution of throwing all the large bones into the pool, out of sight of Natives, for if they have seen us moving along with our Cattle, the sight of the large bones, would probably point out to them the reason of our ong stay at one place, and in=duce them to follow us with the intention of killing our Cattle α horses, at all events it was thought most prudent, to remove any thing that might at all enlighten them on the subject of Cattle being killed α eaten. We proceeded on about a NW by N. course for about 6 miles over the same extensive flat as that we left, crossing two small creeks, without water, but several small Lagoons lay directly in our course, the country travelled over is tolerably open forest, with the scrub in patches coming down from a low range to the west of us, we camped at the Water hole at which Charlie saw the Natives camp, they have however left it, the water hole is but small α Muddy, in a creek running along the edge of the Scrub, the range running apparently nearly N α South and about 3 miles distant from us182; The Dr α Charlie went out reconnoitering, some trouble may be expected for us here to keep our Cattle α Horses, there being so little scrub, but a very great proportion of Burr. The Dr. returned with very unsatisfactory news, nothing

Note 180

White-breasted Woodswallows (Australian subspecies Artamus leucorynchus leucopygialis) in an old Magpie-lark nest.

Note 181

Presumably the Leaden Flycatcher Myiagra rubecula.

Note 182

The route involved crossing Charley's Reconnoitre Creek and Glen McLaren put "Blackfellow's Camp" at GR 716 670 on the Warrinilla sheet (8648).