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Eye for Colour

Boy playing with a colourful interactive

28 May – 18 September 2011

Free entry

Add some colour to your life with this inspiring exhibition at World Museum. ‘Eye for Colour’ is a visual feast that will alert the senses and stimulate the mind. Packed with hands-on exhibits and interactive displays, it explores the endless ways in which colour shapes our world.

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Polaroid picture of Khalil in front of World Museum entrance; the polaroid has 'my visit, Khalil - age 6' written beneath the picture

In the exhibition you can find out:

  • how colour is formed
  • how artists use colour in creativity
  • how animals use colour as camouflage - changing colour to blend in with their environment
  • how some birds and reptiles use colour to stand out from the crowd - altering their colour to attract a mate

Eye-catching exhibits will also reveal how different cultures have used colour to communicate messages. In fact if you’ve ever wondered why you sometimes feel blue or in the pink then you’ll find the answer in 'Eye for Colour'!

My Favourite Colour


My Favourite colour is blue. I like it because whenever I look at it, it calms me down and helps me relax.

Charlotte Swan, Orrell, Wigan


'Eye for Colour' has been produced by the 'ecsite-uk Travelling Exhibitions Consortium' (eTEC): eTEC is a consortium of At-Bristol, ecsite-uk, National Museums Liverpool, Magna and W5 together producing three interactive, travelling exhibitions funded by the Millennium Commission through a ReDiscover grant.

Supported by The National Lottery through the Millenium Commission Logo