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Favourite colours

DarkSlateBlue : my favourite colour

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My favourite colour is Blue beause that is the colour of the sea were Nemo and Dory live.

Ellis Banks-Devlin , Wirral

My favourite colour is blue because it is the colour of my football team, Everton!

Daniel , Walton, Liverpool

It reminds me of the sea and the sky

Michelle Bancroft , Irby

My favourite colour is dark slate blue because it's like the stormy sea

Alex , Bug House, World Museum Liverpool

My favourite colour is blue. It reminds me of travelling in the plane to the UK. It was a night flight so we were chasing the sun and when I peeked to have a look at the was so blue, a blue that you can only see when you are above the clounds.

Joanna , East Midlands
Alison Pawley , Wrexham

My favourite colour is Purple

Andy Apricott , Manchester