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Favourite colours

Goldenrod : my favourite colour

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The real reason why gold is my favorite colour is because my mummy, Pamela, bought me a cool gold now I am the trendiest dog in the street. I love my new collar!

Thanks mum!

PJ , Liverpool, Kensington

My favourite colour is yellow because it is a good colour

Callum Bennett-Byrne , Croxteth

My favourite colour is orange beacuse it makes me feel warm and happy.

Calum Redhead , Wirral

My favourite colour is gold because it is a shining colour, just like me!

Lisa McIlhoney , Liverpool

My favourite colour is Yellow Ochre as it is the colour of sunshine on Yorkshire Sandstone!

Lemony , Huddersfield

My favourite colour is old gold - the colour of one of my favourite football teams (Southport!!!!)

Neil Dixon , Widnes