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Favourite colours

LightSeaGreen : my favourite colour

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my favourite colour has always been green - the deep turquoise green of a peacock's tail feather or the Mediterranean seas on a summer's day.

Gillian , Bridport

My favourite colour is green, like the green green grass of home, and chocolate limes.

Nerys , London

My favourite colour is light sea green because it is relaxing

George , Liverpool

My favourite colour is BLUE/GREEN

Emily , Kent

My favourite colour is light sea green because it makes me feel peaceful

Nicole , Wavertree

My favourite colour is turquoise because it is so beautiful and makes me extremely happy every time I see it!

Claire , Eye for Colour, World Museum Liverpool

My favourite colour is this green/blue. Reminiscent of the ocean, it represents much. An expanse of peacefulness; a crowded, busy environment; a surface leading new and exciting places; the wrath of nature at it's strongest.
This colour can mirror your mood most of the time; amazing.

Krystina , Derby

My favourite colour is sea green because it reminds me of the sea

Jessica , Hodbarrow

My favourite colour is greeny blue because it's the colour of my mum's eyes

John Henderson , Waterloo, Liverpool