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Favourite colours

PowderBlue : my favourite colour

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Sky blue is beautiful - such an optimistic colour. It is warm, bright summer days when there is possibility in the air, a gentle breeze and the whole day waiting to be explored. Preferably complimented by grass green and a day spent on a fellside.

Karen , Liverpool

My favourite colour is Sky blue; I am a Coventry fan...

Marc , Southport

My favourite colour is blue because it is the colour my little sister Molly's eyes.

Megan , Newbury Park, California, USA.

It reminds me of the sea, I find it very relaxing

Dawn Jarvis , Nature

My favourite colour is blue

Amy Stark , St Helens

My favourite colour is powder blue because it reminds of my holiday in Spain

Sally Frayne , Liverpool

This colour is calming and makes you feel calm and also happy.

Chloe , Liverpool