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My visit - a mini tour

Follow Khalil - age 6 - on his visit to the 'Eye for Colour' exhibition at World Museum.

Do you know which colours you need to mix to make black? These prisms create beautiful light effects on the ceiling. Great! You can use these model heads to see how dogs and fish see the world! Wow! This is how a fish sees. Eeuw! Sausages, eggs and chips don't look as tasty when they're green and blue! This is fun! Make your own fish and watch it swim across the screen. Use this giant jigsaw to make a leopard, sunflower or frog. Lift these handsets to hear stories of how colour affects blind and visually impaired people. Put on the camouflage suits and pick a background that will hide you. This screen lets you create your own sign, this is a no school sign! Pick your favourite colour and see what it says about you! That's the end of the tour, hope you can visit soon.