Zone 6 - Lifeblood

Portrait shot of a boy in a track suit winking at the viewer

© Henk Cortier

The young players in this part of Only A Game? played in the amateur football leagues of Brussels and Liverpool. Visitors were invited to guess which players play in which city.

Henk Cortier from Brussels made these portraits. Henk has been a professional photographer since 1995. His work reveals the parallels that exist between the different populations of the two cities. Irrespective of age, sex, culture or ability, each person finds his or her place in a club. This is football's universal appeal.

The portraits also remind us that football is as healthy as ever at the grassroots - a popular sport for millions of people, even if our media naturally focus on the professional elite.

Portrait shot of a young woman in a yellow football shirt

© Henk Cortier