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Egyptian mummies

An Egyptian mummy with a child's face

This is a mummy of a young boy of about two years old, wrapped in linen bandages. You can find this mummy in the Ancient Egypt section of our Ancient World gallery| on the third floor of the museum. There are also four other mummies on display and the unwrapped hands of a lady, wearing amazing rings in the shape of obelisks, made from lapis lazuli and gold.

All of our mummies are genuine human remains of people who died over 2000 years ago in Egypt. Their bodies have lasted for thousands of years because their families made great efforts to preserve them for eternity. They believed eternal life could be achieved through the preservation of the body through mummification.

Each person had a spirit which they called the 'ka' which lived on after death inside the mummy. The name of a person was also a living thing and needed to be remembered by the living. For this reason we have carved the names of the mummies in hieroglyphs on the inside of doorways within the gallery.

A computer in the gallery will allow you to look at the museum's collection of over 20 mummies and includes X-Ray and CAT scan images.