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Anglo-Saxon treasure

A circular red, blue and gold belt brooch

The Kingston Brooch is the largest and finest Anglo-Saxon brooch of its kind ever found. It is made of gold with settings of garnet, blue glass and shell, and is over 1300 years old. The Rev. Bryan Faussett excavated the brooch in 1771 at a place called Kingston Down in Kent. Underneath a large burial mound was a huge grave containing a sturdy coffin with the skeleton of a small woman wearing the brooch that we believe was made between 600 and 625.

You can find the brooch in the Anglo-Saxon section of our Ancient World gallery |on the third floor of the museum.

The Rev. Bryan Faussett excavated many other graves from several sites in Kent in the South-east of England. Our Anglo-Saxon display shows finds from these graves including jewellery, buckles, weapons, charms and everyday items such as combs, a brush and two tiny dice.