Dive into the Aquarium

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Immerse yourself in a watery world of wonder. 

The aquarium combines fish from Australia to Anglesey with the very latest technology. You'll be able to see a variety of fish from our collections including:

  • Tropical - Find a rainbow array of beautiful fish, including venomous Scorpionfish, tiny Cleaner Wrasse and Falseclown fish (that's the same species as Nemo !)
  • Mangrove - Archer fish, Monos and Scat live in the mangrove swamp tank with a tidal effect that minics the rise and fall of water along a tropical shore.
  • Native - See Plaice, Shore Clingfish and Thornback Ray in the coldwater tanks that mimic the rocky coast of Anglesey in North Wales and the sandy shores of the Dee estuary.

Behind the scenes video

Meet Ben, our aquarist, and see a day in the life of the Aquarium.

Learning space

The aquarium also has a dedicated learning and activity space; the Living Laboratory. Here even very young children can get up close to fish and other sea life in special low-level tanks.

Expert staff are on hand to answer questions and run demonstrations in which visitors can observe and learn more about live marine creature. Video cameras and microscopes bring you face to face with unfamiliar tiny organisms.    

Fun fishy facts!