Dinosaurs gallery

Dinosaur gallery at World Museum

Enter our dinosaur gallery if you dare!

Come face to face with life-size casts of the skeletons of ferocious dinosaurs! See the Allosaurus about to attack the defenceless plant-eater Camptosaurus, both from the Jurassic rocks of the American Mid-West. 

Explore sandstone slabs that line the walls with the footprints of extinct reptiles and enter a time tunnel to see how life has changed through geological time. When you reach the end you will find bones of mammoths and cave bears of the Pleistocene Ice Age.

Highlights include:

  • a full sized cast of a Megalosaurus skeleton
  • an Oviraptor egg
  • fossilised reptile footprints
  • Ice Age mammal bones

Dinosaurs Unleashed 

National Museums Liverpool has teamed up with Liverpool ONE to bring dinosaurs to life through their brand new augmented reality app.

Our dino experts have shared their knowledge of the giant animals for the new Dinosaurs Unleashed event and app, which sees you hatch and care for your dinosaur and take it for a walk in Liverpool ONE, World Museum or other parts of the city on your mobile device. Fascinating facts about the fearsome Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex to the vegetarian Triceratops and the giraffe-like Brachiosaurus can be found in Chavasse Park to help young visitors get the most out of their experience. The interactive experience will run until June.