Clore Natural History Centre

World Museum - Clore Natural History Centre

Free entry

Temporary closure 3-16 December 

Our award winning Clore Natural History Centre will close between Monday 3 and Sunday 16 December while we move the Centre from Floor 4 to it’s larger, familiar space on Floor 2.

As well as moving the delicate specimens and keeping some old favourites, the Centre will be refreshed with many exciting new specimens for you to discover. From Monday 17 December  the centre will once more be a free place you can come to get your hands on more than 20,000 of the most unusual and fascinating items from our huge natural science collections. 

You can:

    • touch a hippopotamus skull, examine an exotic tropical butterfly or hold a mammoth tooth.
    • examine rocks, minerals, fossils and plants.
    • use the interactive displays and take part in hands-on activities
Clore Natural History Centre (Large)

Group visits

Our learning space within the centre provides specialist equipment for school groups and public workshops. School groups are welcome, although booking is essential. For more details please contact World Museum's learning staff on 0151 478 4296.


Our Natural World British wildlife identification workshops focus on using our natural science collections to connect with the environment and promote biological recording.   

Online fun!

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