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Planetarium show transcripts

Man in space with Earth and Sun in background

These transcripts may help you decide which show to visit, or may be useful after a visit.

Wonders of the Solar System

This public show takes you on a journey around our Solar System. This show is illustrated by many recent images from robot space probes and the Hubble telescope.


A show for Key Stage 1 looking at the Sun as a source of light and warmth, and the changes associated with day and night.

The Summer Night Sky

A look at the myths and constellations of the most interesting and diverse of the seasonal night skies.

The Autumn Night Sky

Find out about the Plough and the North Star in this seasonal show.

The Winter Night Sky

Explore planets, nebulae, Galaxies and star clusters in this seasonal show.

Planetary Explorers

This show is suitable for Key Stages 3 and 4. It looks at how man’s perception of the stars, planets and the whole Universe has changed through history.