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Space and astronomy websites

Man in space with Earth and Sun in background

NASA homepage

All the latest news from NASA, including a multitude of links to current as well as past space missions, and a wealth of information on astronomy and space science.|

The Anglo-Australian Observatory

Based in New South Wales, the Anglo-Australian Observatory is famous for the beautiful photographs of the Universe taken by astronomer Dr. David Malin.|

British Association of Planetaria

World Museum is a member of the British Association of Planetaria. It is dedicated to planetarium professionals and individuals devoted to science education. The website includes a map which will help you find other planetaria in the British Isles.|

Liverpool Astronomical Society

The Society's aims are the same as when it was formed in 1881- i.e. 'To promote the science of Astronomy primarily in Liverpool and the neighbourhood thereof'|

The Association for astronomy education

Promoting astronomy education at all levels in the UK|

Astronomy now online

The home page of the Astronomy Now magazine.|

BBC Sky at Night

Magazine website accompanying popular tv programme.|