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National Museums Liverpool

Our mission

To create memorable experiences, for everyone, challenging expectations.

Our values

Today as an organisation we are welcoming, honest and educational.

As a team we are trustworthy, respectful and inclusive.

Our story

It all started way back in 1851 when the 13th Earl of Derby donated his enormous natural history collection to the town of Liverpool. This was the beginnings of what would one day become World Museum.

Fast forward over 160 years and the creation of 6 more museums and galleries, Liverpool now has one of the largest collections of museums and galleries in the UK.

In 1986 it was decided that the museums in the city had collected works of art and objects of such historic and scientific significance that ownership should be handed over to the nation in order to protect them. From here, National Museums Liverpool was born.

We exist today to allow you, and future generations, to learn from and enjoy our amazing, varied collections and venues.

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