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About the House of Memories

The House of Memories training programme supports carers of people with dementia and provides participants with information about dementia as well as skills and resources for practical memory activities.

House of Memories is about joining the dots that link us through our life experiences, our dreams and our shared histories. The programme demonstrates how a museum (or by association a library, arts centre, or theatre) can provide the health and social care sector with practical skills and knowledge to facilitate access to an untapped cultural resources; often within their locality.


The key partners in this project are: 

  • Department of Health
  • More Independent (Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group)
  • Liverpool City Council
  • Salford Museum and Art Gallery
  • Bury Art Museum
  • Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums
  • Birmingham Museums Trust
  • Leicester City Council Museums
  • Nottingham City Museums and Galleries
  • Liverpool Strategic Housing Partnership
  • Institute of Cultural Capital
  • Skills for CareSkills for Health

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