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Museum for International Democracy partnership

People from NML and the International Museum of Democracy meeting

National Museums Liverpool and the Museum for International Democracy in Rosario, Argentina have entered into a formal partnership to inform the development of the first museum dedicated to democracy in Argentina. National Museums Liverpool is a special adviser on the concept development and project management of the new museum.

The Museum for International Democracy will be a place to reflect on what democracy means. The intention is to encourage visitors to work towards a better quality of life, promoting free speech, debate, mutual respect and analyzing democratic values.

The museum is being developed by the Fundación para la Democracia Internacional and in March 2014 the agreement was formally signed in the presence of Minister of Culture, Ed Vaizey, the Chairman of National Museums Liverpool, Phil Redmond, National Museums Liverpool's Director David Fleming and Guillermo Whpei, the President of the Foundation in Argentina.

The Museum for International Democracy is also a founder member of the Social Justice Alliance for Museums, which is led by National Museums Liverpool.


Guillermo Whpei and Richard Benjamin