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Clara White

report book with hand written notes about Clara

Application to the charity

  • Date of application: 9 November 1906
  • Place of birth: Runcorn
  • Age: 13
  • Father’s name: Joseph, dock labourer
  • Mother’s name: Mary Jane, dead
  • Condition: Moderately well nourished


  • Ship: Tunisian
  • Date of departure: 2 May 1907
  • Date of arrival: 11 May 1907
  • Port of arrival: Quebec
  • Destination: Belleville, Ontario


Listen to some of Clara's story, or read the transcript below:


"My name is Clara and I'm 13 from Runcorn. My life was pretty grim before I moved to Canada and my Dad moved around a lot and we always got dragged around with him. He was supposed to be in the army but deserted and ended up getting sent to prison. Life for us was hard.

I arrived in Canada on 11th May 1907. I ended up living with a couple of different families but by 1908 I was living with the Waite family. They think I'm a lovely girl and I feel like I'm part of the family. Quite pleasingly I've managed to turn my life around and my days of hardship in Runcorn are behind me. I now earn 5 dollars a month which is a great start."