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George Parry

portrait photo of a young boy

Application to the charity

  • Date of application: 30 May 1900
  • Place of birth: Liverpool
  • Father’s name: William, dead 4 years
  • Mother’s name: Elizabeth, dead 9 years

George was brought to the Refuge by Samuel, a blind man, in whose charge he was left after his father died. He was anxious that George should go in a home, as he tramped around the country playing the concertina (a small accordion with button keys) in the streets for money and could not take him. 


  • Ship: Dominion
  • Date of departure: 11 April 1901
  • Date of arrival: 22 April 1901
  • Destination: Belleville, Ontario

George emigrated at the age of 11 and spent his first few years in various farming homes. He was described as a "smiling happy little fellow" but with a tendency to be "saucy".

At the age of 13 he went to live with a Mr Althouse, where he stayed for many years and was taught farm work and went to school. He was treated as "one of the family" and in his last report the farmer revealed he "trusted him in everyway, just as if he were his own son". 


Listen to some of George's story, or read the transcript below:


"Hello my name is George. I am 10 years old. I emigrated to Canada on 12th April 1901. When I emigrated I was treated as one of the family and learnt how to farm."