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Lily Hall

portrait photo of a young girl

Application to the charity

  • Date of application: 25 April 1910
  • Place of birth: St Helen's
  • Age: 11
  • Father’s name: Alfred
  • Mother’s name: Not recorded
  • Condition: Healthy
  • Admitted to: Rosen Hall, Girls' Emigration Training Home


  • Ship: Tunisian
  • Date of departure: 4 May 1911
  • Date of arrival: 13 May 1911
  • Destination: Belleville, Ontario


Listen to some of Lily's story, or read the transcript below:


"Hello my name is Lily Hall. I am 11 years old and I live in St Helens. My application to migrate to Canada went in on 25th April 1910 and I actually boarded the boat on 4th May 1911.

My father couldn’t really look after me as he lived with a lady who drinks too much and the NSPCC said that I had to be taken and saved as I was living in a bad home. It was difficult for me to settle as my brother-in-law kept writing to me and asking me to live with him and it was hard to be away from my family."