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Robert Henry Jones

portrait photo of a young boy in a doorway

Application to the charity

  • Date of birth: 6 May 1892
  • Date of application: 17 June 1902
  • Place of birth: Runcorn
  • Age: 10
  • Father’s name: Richard, dead 
  • Mother’s name: Sarah Jane, dead
  • Condition: Very poor and ragged

Robert and his brother Edward were admitted into the homes in 1902. They were living with older sisters in Stalybridge in very poor circumstances. It was noted the family often did not have enough to eat nor were they properly clothed. The case was reported to the Refuge committee by a local Bible woman who stated the boys were unmanageable and were mostly found roaming the streets. 


  • Ship: Virginian
  • Date of departure: 6 April 1905
  • Date of arrival: 16 April 1905
  • Destination: Belleville, Ontario

Robert was seen as a wanderer and did not stay long at his various placements. His reports state that he often ran away without any reason. He was also recorded to be a "bright, intelligent boy". He ended up crossing over the border to the United States and becoming a bugler in the army.  


Listen to some of Robert's story, or read the transcript below:


"My name is Robert. I am 10 years old. I emigrated to Canada on 6th April 1905. People said I'm bright and intelligent but I often run away."